1. The Crystal Method - Born Too Slow (Little Orange UA Bootleg)[CTRFREE050]
    Little Orange UA

  2. Interra - Contrast Shades [CTR038 24.10.19]

  3. Interra - Phoenix [CTR037 09.10.19]

  4. Subface - Keep Pushing On (feat. Izotope) [CTRFREE049]
    Subface, Izotope

  5. Leser1 - Chi EP [CTR036 09.09.2019]

  6. Ra Djan - Alyan Vaala [CTRFREE048]
    Ra Djan

  7. D.Bruce - Blast From The Past [CTRFREE047]

  8. Seba & Manos - Said & Done (Interra Bootleg) [CTRFREE046]

  9. Under Influence - Clap & Dance [CTRFREE045]
    Under Influence

  10. Little Orange UA & Floyd the Barber - ALA [CTRFREE044]
    Floyd The Barber , Little Orange Ua

  11. Apashe - No Twerk (feat. Panther & Odalisk) [Interra Bootleg] [CTRFREE043

  12. Foreign Beggars - 24/7 (feat. Feed Me) [Floyd the Barber Bootleg] CTRFREE042
    Floyd the Barber

  13. Leser1 - Hindsight [CTRFREE041]

  14. FB Force & Aequo - Drop The Fear [CTRFREE040]
    FB Force, Aequo

  15. [SC]Smash3r feat. Hackcore - Hack'n'Smash [CTRFREE039]
    [SC]Smash3r, Hackcore

  16. D.Bruce - Impulse Control [CTRFREE038]

  17. The Prodigy - Spitfire (Sj Ocean Tribute Remix)
    Sj Ocean

  18. The Prodigy - Girls (Little Orange UA Tribute Remix)
    The Little Orange UA

  19. The Prodigy - Narayan (Interra Tribute Remix)

  20. Under Influence & Rory Hoy - Renegade [CTRFREE036]
    Under Influence

  21. D.Bruce - No Time [CTRFREE035]

  22. Izotope - Fighting Cell [CTRFREE034]

  23. [SC]Smash3r - Damage Scanner [CTRFREE033]

  24. Interra & Little Orange UA - Black Ice [CTRFREE031]

  25. [SC]Smash3r - Cyberjack Hollowdeath [CTRFREE030]

  26. Under Influence - Big Mean Woman [CTRFREE029]
    Under Influence

  27. Secret Sexy Signal - Drive Traffic ([SC]Smash3r Remix) [CTRFREE027]
    [SC]Smash3r, Secret Sexy Signal

  28. Chase & Status ft. Novelist - NRG (Floyd The Barber Bootleg) [CTRFREE024]
    Floyd The Barber

  29. Davip - Brick (Age Of Rampage Remix) [CTRFREE023]
    Age Of Rampage

  30. Madonna - Music (Sj Ocean remix) [CTRFREE007]
    Sj Ocean


Criminal Tribe Records ltd Russia

Criminal Tribe Records ltd. is the biggest Breakbeat / Big Beat music label in East Europe.

Criminal Tribe Records ltd. has support from: The Prodigy, Leeroy Thornhill, iLS, The Crystal Method, Terry Hooligan, Ursula 1000, Future Funk Squad, Krafty Kuts, Freestylers, Rory Hoy, Miss Mants, Omar Santana, Linda B, PulpFusion, Expansion Union, Terminalhead, Dark Globe, The Funky Boogie Brothers.
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